Telephone Tango

Video Performance.

January, 2021

Collaboration with Jeremy Wong.

“Telephone Tango” was performed, documented, and compiled by artists Grace DeVies and Jeremy Wong. The performance, completed simultaneously in our respective cities, revolved around a week’s worth of missed calls and voicemail messages as we entered 2021.

With in-person connection currently impossible, an emotional connection was attempted over anxious messages left to each others’ voicemail inboxes. We never managed to reach each other directly, only communicating sporadically through these left messages. This became a desperate, yet seemingly failing attempt to feel less alone. However, when the voicemails are played in sequence, they mimic a deeply personal and emotional telephone conversation full of understanding and support. The compiled audio— in which we contemplate the past, the present, and the uncertain future— was played over the performance.

An awkward and abstracted tango absent of a partner visually portrayed the lack of an essential psychological need for companionship in our lives. In times of isolation— suggested by confined movement in a cold, gloomy space— we are without intimacy and belonging. The dance was stiff and uncomfortable, then messy and frantic, following the ebbs and flows of our mental states. Even though our phone calls missed each other, our dramaticized movements linked us to one another without us being physically together. Our similar, and sometimes synchronized dance provided a connection that we could not have otherwise created.


Platform, List, 111 Candles, Body. 

December, 2020


On the evening of my 21st birthday, I completed a performance in which I made 111 birthday wishes on 111 candles. During the performance, the central candle’s misprinted second wick was lit by the first, negating the disturbance of the unlit candle on the bottom row. The wishes were guided by a list on my phone of desires I had uncovered in meditation. 

Please be aware that all audience members were people that I live with.


Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Body.

October, 2020

Brushing my teeth.

IMG_8477 2
IMG_8477 2

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.36.50 AM
Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.36.50 AM

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IMG_8477 2



Plaster, Wood, Projection, MacBook Pro, Body. 


This performance involved tracing the movements of a video recording and simultaneous projection of a 3-D printer. As the printer was creating an object, I attempted to carve into a block of plaster with a piece of particle board, damaging and cutting away at both materials.